Illustration On Ceramics, Imagenes y Arte, October, 2019

Illustration On Ceramics

Original Story from: Imagenes y Arte, October, 2019

Link to Source: Illustration On Ceramics, Imagenes y Arte

The pieces of art presented today are from a famous ceramic artist from Cincinnati, United States, her name is Terri Kern.

She got her Master in Fine Arts in 1991 and since then she has received numerous awards for excellence in the field of ceramics. She has traveled the world as an art ambassador and has participated in several international art collaborations.

Her wonderful pieces are abundantly decorated, sometimes integrating structural elements of ceramics in her drawings, which gives it great originality. It is like an extension of the drawing on the handles or on the endings of her bowls.

She is considered a storyteller on ceramics, where flora and fauna are plentiful and where fantasy is more than abundant . Already away from full-time public teaching, she continues with her art inspiring professors and university students as well as a hobby participants in her workshops.

On her website you can see more of this creative artist

Last Saturday we introduced to the Chinese painter Tang Wei Min.

English is not my mother language. Please excuse little faults.

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