I’m excited to present my new group of classes for 2022! After studying the feedback that I’ve received from previous classes, I’ve decided to approach my class offerings a little differently this time around and try a couple new things. 

  1. I’m going to offer a couple of two-part classes. The first two-part class is: Handbuilding Stylized Birds (Part 1) & Embellishing Birds with Underglaze (Part 2); The second two-part classes are: Getting Creative with Simple Slab Jewelry (Part 1) & Decorative Underglaze Surfaces for Slab Jewelry (Part 2). Participants are not obligated to take both parts of either two-part class but can if they wish. Likewise, participants can take either Part 1 or Part 2 independently as a stand alone class.
  2. I’m going to add a pre-recorded video about design to each class and how it relates to the specific technique we will be learning in class. 
  3. I’m going to add a pre-recorded video showing how I finish my pieces with clear glaze.
  4. I’m going to teach a class ( Designing Serenity – Underglaze Painted Wall Piece) which will include short pre-recorded videos. Participants will make a simple slab piece prior to class and the live class will focus solely on painting a composition on the slab piece they have made. 
  5. There will be a bathroom break halfway through class so no one misses anything.

          (Participants will have access to these videos for 30 days after the class is over.)

Please click the green buttons below to learn more about the classes I'm teaching in March, April, and May! I like to limit the class size to 15 students so that everyone gets the time they need to work with me and ask questions when needed. Hope to see you in class!

Class 1. Handbuilding Stylized Birds

Part 1

March 26th

Sign Up by March 24th

Class 2. Embellishing Birds with Underglaze

Part 2

April 23rd

Sign Up by April 21st

Class 3. Designing Serenity - Underglaze Painted Wall Piece

March 27th

Sign Up by March 25th

Class 4. Getting Creative with Simple Slab Jewelry

Part 1

May 10th

Sign Up by April 28th

Class 5. Decorative Underglaze Surfaces for Slab Jewelry

Part 2


Sign Up by May 15th



Below, are posts from my Instagram feed. It allows you the opportunity to check out what I’ve been working on if you aren’t on social media. I hope you enjoy checking out my progress and if anything catches you eye, please get in touch.

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