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Because of Covid 19, I have switched to online classes using the zoom platform to keep everyone safe.

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Hi Everybody!

I’m excited to offer the first online class in my new series “The Layered Surface”.

I love doing in-person, hands-on workshops! There’s nothing like being in a room together, learning from eachother and feeding off the energy that’s created when people are all working together towards a common goal. Due to Covid-19, however, that’s no longer possible.

I’ve presented one Zoom Workshop so far and the transition from an in-person workshop to an online class is both exciting and challenging. I’m definitely learning as I go. For this first class, I’m limiting the number of students to 12 but that number will go up as I become more proficient at using the technology. I will have a waiting list for the classes as well.

I’ve found that I need to prep my teaching set-ups a little differently. I also need to offer more visual aids like short pre-recorded videos in addition to the live feed demonstrations. I’m learning how to communicate more effectively through a screen and now use a headset so that my voice is strong and clear. I’m also going to send part of the workshop packet digitally as I move forward.

One of the things I’ve realized is that we all get “Screen Fatigue.” Therefore, a day long class just isn’t practical. I’ve shortened this online class to 3 hours with a 30 minute meet and greet on the front end in case people want to meet each other and chat.

I may change the format a little in the future but I think I’ve settled on a successful one for now. My ultimate goal is for you, the student, to have the best remote learning experience possible.

This first class in “The Layered Surface” series is a broad overview of some of the techniques I use to get my surfaces. Its purpose is to give you a taste of how I transfer designs, use sgraffito, blend underglaze color and create painted lines. We will spend a time working on all three tiles and you’ll finish them up in your own studios.

My upcoming classes will be a more in-depth focus on these techniques and will feature working on three dimensional pieces as well. I’m really looking forward to working with you all! See you soon.

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