Small Batch Halloween Pins
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When I was growing up, Halloween was always the favorite holiday in my family. We loved to decorate our house and yard and come up with cool costumes. That love of Halloween continues with this small batch of hand-painted pins. To get the rich colors in my designs, I apply multiple layers of underglaze. Most of the pins feature my wet black sgraffito technique which I use to create the patterns and line work in the backgrounds. I paint the black underglaze on in a small section and while the underglaze is wet, I carve through its surface to reveal the background color. It’s a labor-intensive process but I love the results and the movement that’s created from the carved lines and dots. The rich beauty of the underglaze color is transformed when the clear glaze is applied and the pieces are fired in the kiln. I think of them as miniature paintings that you can wear and I hope you enjoy these pins as much as I enjoyed making them!

Each pin is signed and dated on the back as shown below. The pins measure between 1 and 2 inches. To give you an idea of scale, there’s a photo of each pin with a quarter next to it. To view that photo just click on the image of the pin you are interested in.


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Leaf Earrings

Like my miniature book necklaces, my leaf earrings started out as elements in my sculptural work. Each leaf is individually made without the help of a mold, so there is some natural variation. Both the front and back of the leaves are painted with a combination of glaze and underglaze.


On Demand Classes

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