Terri Kern Workshops


Each Workshop can be tailored from one day to five days, with projects added or subtracted depending on the interests of the workshop sponsor and/or participants.

Workshop Projects:

  • Wet sgraffito over color underglaze field
  • Color sgraffito over black underglaze field
  • Blank bisque tile for full color tile
  • Bisque Pendant
  • Bisque pin
  • Miniature clay book
  • Cocktail recipe shot glass – sgraffito on leather hard clay
  • Salt and Pepper shaker – a versatile hand built form
  • Vase -Relief carving on leather hard clay

Please call 513-702-2861 for pricing information.



Three bisque tiles

  1. Hand painted yellow to orange underglaze blend tile
  2. Hand painted black underglaze tile
  3. Blank bisque tile

Bisque pendant
Black necklace cord and jump ring
Design principles pages
Monthly Methods painting technique page from Ceramics Monthly
Terri Kern design page
Shot glass silhouette page
Trouble shooting page
Terri Kern print and business card
Sheet of tracing paper
Card stock page
Sketch page