The 3D Layered Surface – Saturday, September 25, 1pm – 4pm EST

Join Terri Kern for a lively Zoom Workshop that explores her personal approach to creating painted narratives on clay. This 3 hour class has a 15 minute window before and after class for questions and answers. The post class Q & A will be extended if needed to address additional questions. The session will focus on surface embellishment using underglaze painting techniques on participant provided bone dry cups and bowls. A small class kit will be sent which includes tracing paper, pink carbon paper and cover stock for creating stencils. Participants will also provide their own underglaze, brushes and favorite sgraffito tools. I will use Mayco Fundamentals underglaze for the class as it’s what I use predominantly in my own studio but participants can use their preferred underglaze.

The class fee is $165.

If purchasing as a gift, make a note in the “Additional Information” section during checkout. Terri will follow up to get the contact information for the gift recipient and will send out a custom made card to notify them.



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CLASS #1 The 3D Layered Surface

WHEN: Saturday, September 25th from 1pm – 4pm, Eastern Standard Time.

COST: $165. Includes Class Kit and Shipping & Handling (In the continental United States). (Due to supply chain issues, the kits will include a few items that I prepare in my studio and the additional materials and supplies will be provided by the class participants.)

SKILL LEVEL: Basic knowledge of ceramics is helpful. This class is appropriate for beginners, seasoned professionals who are looking to expand their skills and anyone in between (no drawing experience is necessary)

BASICS: Participants will need to provide their own bone dry pieces, underglazes, brushes and favorite sgraffito tools. I suggest cups or bowls or vases to start with no handles, carving or appendages. I like to use bone dry pots because they dry more quickly than bisque fired pots. I will send a class kit with 3 kinds of paper. Two for transferring designs and one for creating stencils. 


Join Terri Kern for a lively and information-packed 3 hour Zoom Class that explores her personal approach to creating painted narratives on clay. In this hands-on class, participants will paint on 3D cups, bowls and/or vases that they provide. A short visual presentation on the development of Terri’s work will be shown if time permits. There will be multiple live demonstrations and a couple of short videos covering different aspects of her creative process as it pertains to painting on 3D pieces.  This class is appropriate for adult participants of all ceramic skill levels (no drawing experience is necessary).

This class has a 15 minute window before the class for a brief meet and greet and after class for questions and answers. The post class Q & A will be extended if needed to address additional questions.  

The workshop will focus on surface embellishment using underglaze painting techniques on participant provided bone dry cups and bowls. (Bisque pots can be used if preferred but they take longer to dry after the painted-on underglaze has been applied.

In preparation for the workshop, participants will need to have painted 3 of their bone dry pots with 3 layers of underglaze in the following colors: Black, yellow and light blue. In addition to working on the already painted pieces, we will start painting the unpainted pieces during the class. Don’t worry, I will send a link with a pre-recorded video before the class, showing you how I do all the prep work and paint the initial layers of underglaze on the surface of the pieces.

Subjects touched on will include basic design elements, design transfer, underglaze blending techniques, wet black sgraffito, wet color sgraffito and controlled-line detail painting. Each demonstration will be followed by working studio time. We will start three underglaze  techniques during the class and you will be able to finish them in your studio after the class is completed. 

Each pot will allow us to experiment with different aspects of the underglaze painting techniques. As the underglaze dries on one piece we will work on the next piece, etc. That’s exactly how I work in my own studio…always working on more than one piece at a time.  I will be repeating demonstrations as often as needed and am happy to answer questions that come up as you’re learning and experimenting with the techniques. 

All of the techniques presented can be applied to low-fire, mid range and high-fire clay. My preferred underglaze is Mayco Fundamentals and I use their Crystal Clear Brushing Glaze S-2102. I’ve fired both the underglaze and glaze from cone 05 to cone 5 and like the results. As with any application of ceramic products, everyone does it differently. I always recommend testing to see how your application process turns out, especially at mid range temperatures.  PARTICIPANTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR FIRING THEIR OWN WORK.

The Class Kit is included in the price and includes the following:

  • 1 -sheet of tracing paper
  • 1 – sheet of pink carbon paper
  • 1 -sheet of cover stock

You’ll also get my digital workshop packet which includes sheets that cover the following topics: 

  • A technique sheet copy with photos of my painting process from Ceramics Monthly
  • Underglaze Troubleshooting
  • Design Ideas
  • Design Basics
  • Resource list of my preferred underglaze colors, glaze, brushes and tools 
  • Printed Terri Kern promotional piece and business card

What you’ll need to provide/have ready for class: (check digital handouts for more information)

  • Six bone dry cups, bowls or vases or any combination of the three. They can be wheel thrown or hand built. Please no handles, appendages or carving. 
  • Your own underglazes in the following colors: Black, yellow, orange, light blue, medium or dark blue, light green, medium or dark green, white, purple. Additional colors are always welcome so if you have them, you can use them.
  • Your favorite sgraffito tools 
  • Dull and sharp pencils
  • 2 large Blending Brushes with soft or natural bristles – ¾” – 1” 
  • 2 – 4 medium and small soft or natural brushes that come to a point
  • 1 – detail / liner / script brush with soft or natural bristles
  • Water
  • Water container
  • Exacto knife 
  • Scissors
  • Design ideas like patterns, a silhouette, a landscape, image, etc  

The class fee is $165 and includes the shipping and handling of your class kit (In the continental United States). I’ll ship your kit to you after you sign up for the class via UPS. I’ll also send you a “Thank You” email which will have a link to the digital class kit which can be downloaded from my website. The day before the class, I’ll send your Zoom invitation. A recording of the class will be available for a 30 day period of time once it’s been edited and uploaded to Vimeo.

Please get in touch by phone (513)702-2861 or in the contact form if you have any questions.