Final Friday, Guest Artist Jeb Brack & Cliftonfest

Today is Final Friday at Pendleton Art Center, and I am excited to share that joining me in my studio will be guest artist Jeb Brack. I  met Jeb, who recently moved to Cincinnati with his family, when he came with his family to several of the Pendleton’s Art in Action programs. We got to talking and I found out he was a self-taught artist who did pencil and pen and ink drawings of buildings and houses. He does commission drawings of homes too, for those of you who might be interested. In addition to his art, Jeb is a professional magician, writer, proofreader, and podcaster.

Jeb Brack drawing of a house in Wyoming
Jeb Brack drawing of a house in Wyoming


I’ll be in the studio with Jeb on Friday and on Saturday you’ll be able to find me at Cliftonfest drawing a pastel ArtCarpet on the sidewalk in front of the library on Ludlow. There are going to be some wonderful artists and performers out all weekend celebrating Clifton.

Drawing of the Globe Building at Findlay Market
Drawing of the Globe Building at Findlay Market

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