2014 Studio Collection on November 22

StudioColl2014_web_inviteThe 20th Annual Studio Collection Holiday Sale is almost here! I will join 11 other talented female artists to sell original, handmade gifts that are perfect for your friends and family. The show will take place from 10am-4pm on Saturday, November 22 at the Harmony Lodge in Spring Grove Village.

Please stop by and browse the art by myself, Sara Caswell-Pearce, Judy Dominic, Meg Gates, Jennifer Gleason, Renee Harris, Lisa Inglert, Pam Korte, Margaret Rhein, Ursula Roma, Leslie St. Clair, and Pat Statzer. We’ll have everything from naturally dyed clothing to soap, and ceramics to prints.

We’re looking forward to seeing you.

646 E. Epworth Ave.
Spring Grove Village,  OH  45232
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