Just published in Ceramics Monthly

An artcle titled “Depth by 1000 Strokes”, written by Gil Stengel, currently appears in the November 2010 issue of Ceramics Monthly. The article, which starts on page 56 and goes through page 59 has some beautiful photos of my work (taken by Jay Bachemin), a technical process tutorial and a really fantastic article by Gil.

Gil was intrigued by my most recent body of work and asked if I’d be interested in him writing an article about the work and my creative process. Of course I said “Yes!”. Gil and I talked for several weeks and from those discussions, his observations and personal experience working in clay, he wrote an eloquent piece about the creative process in general and how it applies to me specifically.

Gil Stengel is a potter, teacher and writer living in Burlington, Kentucky.

To order a copy online, go to www.ceramicsmonthly.org.