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Show opens at 5th Street Gallery February 11

5th Street Gallery Show Announcement: Bridge

5th Street Gallery Show Announcement: Bridge

Please join me for the opening of my new show, BRIDGE, at the 5th Street Gallery on Friday, February 11 from 6-9 pm. The show runs through March 5th. The 5th Street Gallery is located on the corner of 5th and Race, across the street from Macy’s.

This show features a variety of art forms including drawings, prints, clay board and of course, ceramics.

My work has always documented my personal history, with each piece serving as a commemorative marker. It is also influenced by
subjects as diverse as illuminated manuscripts, poetry, Chinese culture and Frida Kahlo.

To grow as an artist, visual and technical challenges are part of the evolutionary process. To that end, I posed this question: “If my
work is informed by so many sources, why limit it’s creation to only one medium – ceramics?”

In pursuit of this challenge, I’ve begun to use my concepts and experiences as a bridge which connects the varied art forms of
ceramics, drawing, printmaking and clay board together. These pieces reflect the beginnings of this endeavor.

While ceramics will continue to be my focus, I’m really enjoying the challenge of working in these different mediums and will continue to explore them in 2011.

Upcomming Holiday Shows

Studio Collection 16th Annual Holiday Sale - 2010

Studio Collection 16th Annual Holiday Sale - 2010

Please join me for this festive and eclectic one day sale featuring the work of ten women artists from the Tristate area.  The sale is located at Harmony Lodge in Spring Grove Village (just off exit 6 – Mitchell Avenue off I75 – check Google map).  Featuring the clay work of Pam Korte, Leslie St. Clair and Terri Kern, The jewelery of Susan Naylor and Lisa Inglert, The hand made paper and photography of Margaret Rhein, the fiber works of Rennee Harris, Pat Statzer and Judy Dominic and the home made soaps, mustards and jams of Jennifer Gleason.  Come with your friends and family and enjoy a relaxing day of shopping.  Studio Collection 16th Annual Holiday Sale – 2010

A juried show and sale featuring ceramic artists from the Clay Alliance.

Artists from the Clay Alliance.

The Alliance is having a juried show and sale featuring ceramic artists from the Clay Alliance.


My drawings, like most of my work, leans towards smaller, more intimate dimensions. They tend to stay under 10” in any given direction. Because my work documents my personal history, an intimate subject, I believe that the small size of the work invites one person at a time to experience it. It becomes then, a one-on-one conversation between the viewer and the piece. To visually “have this conversation”, I will use objects which appear in the work as symbols for ideas and decisions and truths that I hold dear. The drawings are simply pencil on paper. These particular pieces are fom my marriage series.

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